Monday, November 7, 2011

Softwares For Civil Engineers

One for the Civil Engineers
Here is a list of softwares or applications that a civil engineer or a student of civil engineering should learn.

  1. PPS – Performance Planning System- PPS is a stand-alone advanced land development design system complete with an education on how to create more efficient and sustainable communities. Its  position based coordinate geometry is easy to use and learn. PPS is both coordinate and spatial based – the drawing is the geometry. PPS is not about creating faster plats, it’s about building beautiful, functional, safe neighborhoods that are  environmentally andeconomically superior to conventional design and technology.
  2. Geotechnical software GEO5- package of programs designed to solve various geotechnical problems. The easy-to-use suite consists of individual programs with a unified user-friendly interface. Each program is used to analyse a different geotechnical task but all modules communicate with each other to form an integrated suite. The programs are based on traditional analytical methods and the Finite Element Method (FEM). GEO5 is capable of solving the following geotechnical tasks: Slope stability analysis, Foundations design, Retaining wall design, Sheet pile wall, Soil Settlement, Underground structures etc.
  3. 3D Nature’s World Construction Set- photorealistic 3D terrain visualization for cartography,
    architecture, civil engineering, golf, forestry and land planning.
  4. 3D Structural Modeling Software – 3D+-An AutoCAD based parametric modeling, analysis, design and drawing system for structural engineers. Includes program description with downloadable videos. Offers online ordering and technical support.
  5. Archon Engineering – makers of civil and mechanical engineering software, specializing in finite element analysis tools
  6. ASCAD – software for civil engineers and land-surveyors that automates the implementation production rules for laying out civil engineering drawings. From CADCOM.
  7. ARTS hydraulic design software- A graphical hydraulic design package covering waterhammer, water/wastewater treatment design, open channel flow and pipe networks.
  8. Autodesk Civil- builds on Autodesk Land Desktop with tools that automate civil engineering tasks and enhance collaboration on projects from transportation engineering to hydraulics, site development to hydrology
  9. AutoTURN – CAD-based software for simulating vehicle maneuvers for transportation
    design, by Transoft Solutions
  10. AutoTURN Aircraft – CAD-based software simulation tool used to evaluate aircraft and vehicle movements at airports, by Transoft Solutions
  11. BOSS International- makers of civil engineering software for groundwater, surface water and terrain modeling, plus applications for hydrology and wastewater treatment
  12. CAiCE Software Corporation – makers of civil software automation tools for survey, civil design, construction and drainage engineers.
  13.  Ezicad- integrated package for cogo and contour routines and road design.

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