Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Course at C-DAC

Following courses are available at CDAC
  1. Post Graduation
    1. Diploma In Advanced Computing (DAC)
    2. Wireless Mobile Computing (WiMC)
    3. Diploma In IT Infrastructure, System and Security (DITISS)
    4. Diploma In VLSI (DVLSI)
    5. Diploma In Advanced Computer Arts (DACA)
    6. Diploma In Embedded System & Design (DESD)
    7. Diploma In System Software Development (DSSD)
    8. Diploma In Healthcare Informatics (DHI)
    9. Diploma In Language Computing (DLC)
    10. Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics (PG-DGi)
    11. Diploma In Integrated VLSI and Embedded System Design (DIVESD)
  2. Under Graduate
    1. Diploma In Information Technology (DIT)
    2. Advanced Diploma In Information Technology (ADIT)
    3. Diploma In Multimedia Creation (DMC)
    4. Prepatory Course For Diploma In Advanced Computing (PreDAC)
    5. Diploma In Digital Arts (DDA)

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